3rd Gen Fuel Calculator
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Secondary Injectors: cc
ECU Controlled Max Duty Cycle: %
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Max Duty Cycle: %
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This calculator is meant to give approximate HP numbers according to the size of injectors utilized running gasoline. We've tried to make this as accurate as possible but considering different fuel, climate, and other variables, we do NOT guarantee these numbers are 100% accurate for your application.

Standard RX-7 Injector Sizes:
84-85 GSL-SE = 680cc
86-91 Non-Turbo = 460cc
87-91 Turbo II = 550cc
We have many of these injectors available, new or used, for your custom application.

ECU Controlled Max Duty Cycle is the maximum injector duty your reprogrammed computer uses. For PFS PMC users, this is adjustable up to 100%, for other reprogrammed ECUs, please contact your ECU programmer for specs. If unsure, use 80%. The Stock ECU is approximately 60-65%.