’04 Rotary Revolution: Indianapolis, IN

May 2, 2004

The rotary spirit was alive and well in the Midwest this weekend. May 1st and 2nd was the 2nd annual Rotary Revolution gathering in Indianapolis. This year the attendance was bigger than last by over double. “Rotarians” from San Diego, Canada, Florida, Texas, and everywhere in between made the pilgrimage. Saturday’s agenda included all-day drag racing and autocrossing. A mobile dynamometer was brought in to hold a dyno challenge. Indianapolis motorsport park is generally known for its NHRA drag race facility. The most prestigious NHRA Powerade series race is held here called the US Nationals. What most don’t know is that this facility has a wonderful 2.5 mile road race course. Perfect for showing off the handling side of the RX-7 and RX-8. Mazda conveniently brought a new RX-8 and the new MazdaSpeed turbocharged Miata to demonstrate their abilities to the crowds. Enter Mother Nature. The clouds swelled and the temperatures dropped. Before we knew it, we were huddled in cars and under bleachers. Fortunately, the rain subsided to a drizzle. In the end, the forecast didn’t allow for any drag racing, but everyone got to get the hands into autocrossing (or drifting in many cases). The dyno kept going and the Mazda test rides went on as planned. Sunday brought more early morning rain which mercifully ended. The road racing went without a hitch. All takers of this special side of the event were quite impressed. The 1/2 mile straight allows for some obscene speeds. Seminars were put on in the pavilion area by Chris Ott (yours truly), and other selected specialists. All in all, the event was a great success, especially with the weather. Hats off to Mike and his hardworking team who made it all happen and we look forward to next year’s festivities. –––––– Chris Ott




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