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Stock RX-7: 210whp


Stage 1: 240whp
Changing out the exhaust system makes a world of difference on 3rd generation RX-7s. Underhood temperatures drop dramatically and exhaust flow is greatly enhanced while keeping legal smog status. Several other catback systems are available and are in stock.

1. Bönez Stainless Downpipe & Performance Catalytic Converter $795 $651.90
2. GReddy Evolution Exhaust $449.95

Total parts: $1101.85Total Labor Hours: 4hrs

Stage 2: 260whp
Our next step is to enhance intake efficiency and fuel flow. Either the GReddy or APEX’i Performance Intakes will yield excellent results. During this installation, we will make sure boost pressures are stable and at proper levels.

1. GReddy or APEX’i Performance Intake System $249.00 - $274.95
2. RP Competition Fuel Pump

Total parts: $513 - $538.95 Total Labor Hours: 3 - 3.5hrs

Stage 3: 310whp or more
The factory engine computer is adequate to a certain level. To go beyond, we need to have full programmability for fuel, ignition and digital boost control. Nothing controls a 3rd generation RX-7 street car better than the APEX’i PowerFC. Power realized depends heavily on injector sizing, turbo, engine type, and the general condition of the car.

1. APEX’i PowerFC Engine Management $980
2. APEX’i FC Commander or FC Datalogit
$299 - $350

Total parts: $1279 - $1330Total Labor Hours: 1.5hrs + 1hr tuning

Stage 4: 325whp or more
Now that the major upgrades have been addressed, it’s time to help the engine breath cooler. The installation of the GReddy Standard Mount Intercooler and hard piping will help to round out the power of the car. An intercooler keeps charge temperatures more even and offer less restriction. The piping improves durability as well as give a performance advantage.

1. GReddy Standard Mount Intercooler $1,198
2. GReddy 2-pipe kit with cast throttle elbow
3. Efini turbocharger y-pipe kit

Total parts: $1636Total Labor Hours: 5.5hrs

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